Come test your daring and adventure at South London's finest Flying Trapeze school!

TLCC is taking a break in 2024. We’d like to thank you all for your support over the last 6 years and hope to see everyone in the air again soon.

If it is your first time as a complete beginner or you are a regular flyer, come book a class and find out how it feels to soar like a bird! Our classes are tailored to your ability at our full sized aerial flying trapeze rig located in the beautiful surrounds of Ruskin Park in South East London. Come and have an experience you will never forget.

Here at TLCC we aim to make your one of a kind flying adventure highly enjoyable. We have therefore created our London Trapeze School (TLCC) founded on the following principles to make it the best experience we can.


We believe in the benefits of fresh air and exhilarating exercise and trapeze is not only a fun and unique workout, but a one of a kind thrill! Head outdoors to one of London’s hidden gems, Ruskin Park, and get moving. Experience the benefits of exercise with aerial circus arts.


With our experienced and friendly teachers, coupled with a specially designed trapeze development programme, we are here to support you soaring to new heights and will work with you to help you reach your goals.


Be you young or young at heart, experienced or a first time trapeze flyer, we want to welcome you into our flying trapeze community and share our passion!