Frequently Asked Questions

All classes can be booked via the website in advance using our online booking system. We are a cash- free company and are unable to take payment onsite, however you can book online right up to the start of class on any mobile device.

Everyone's a beginner at some point! We'd recommend coming down and giving it a go. Anyone can participate in our classes, regardless of previous experience or abilities. During the class you will be taught the skills needed. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Whether you are a first time or experienced flyer, we have a class to suit. Please use the information below to help you select the class to match your experience. If you are still unsure, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Beginners /Open Flying Trapeze class – A flying trapeze class for ALL levels. This is the class to book for your first lesson.
  • Frequent Flyer Flying Trapeze Class – Students must have completed a beginner’s class and successfully caught a knee hang trick and be working on a two position tricks. In this class, you will begin to work on your swing and board skills.
  • Intermediate Flying Trapeze Class – Suitable for flyers who can do more than one back-end trick consistently. Students must be able to swing out of safety lines and work the platform unaided as there are no platform assistants in this class.
  • Advanced Flying Trapeze Class – Suitable for experienced flyers only. Students must have their swing, turnaround swing and one back-end trick out of safety lines and be able to work the platform unaided as there no platform assistants in this class.

The class will begin with a safety briefing followed by a warm-up and a demonstration on the ‘knee hang’ trick, the first position you will learn. From there you will then proceed up the ladder to the flying trapeze platform. During the first part of the class you will practice the knee hang position for execution and timing. During the second part of the class, if you are ready, you will attempt a mid-air connection, the 'catch', with our catcher on the other side of the flying trapeze rig.

There are no height restrictions, however students over 100kg or those with a disability should contact us before booking.

We make your safety our number one priority. With proper equipment, training and supervision, Flying Trapeze is as safe as any other recreational sport or rigorous physical activity you may engage in. (You will be wearing a safety belt and we of course have a very large net to ensure a soft landing).

Please do keep in mind that scrapes, sore muscles, and blisters are a part of any sport and are no less a part of ours. All or our instructors are first aid trained and are on hand should a medical situation arise.

We will try to run classes whenever possible however due to safety reasons we are not able to operate in the rain.

We will contact you via text or phone at least an hour before your class start time should we not be able to proceed. Please assume your class is going ahead if you don't hear from us.

If your class is rained-off, we will send you a code you can use with our booking system to reschedule your class before the end of our Summer season.

Classes that end more than halfway through due to bad weather will not be refunded.

Please wear comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothes – jeans and shorts are not recommended. You should be able to move in your clothes, but if they are too baggy, they will get in your way and be uncomfortable.

If you have long hair, please tie it up. All jewellery should be removed.

Glitter, stripes, knee-high socks, polka-dots, bow-ties, multi-coloured tights, leg warmers and any other circus wear are highly encouraged!

We are located in Ruskin Park, South East London. A short walk from Denmark Hill or Loughborough Junction stations or a 5 minute bus ride from Brixton.

Classes cost £35 for a 2-hour class and £40 for a 2.5-hour class.

There are 10 spaces available in each class.

  1. Minimum age = 7 years
  2. Maximum age = not applicable
  3. Maximum weight = 100kg
  4. Never walk under the net
  5. Please be aware of your surroundings on site and listen to your instructors
  6. Never adjust your safety belt
  7. Please remove all jewellery and tie your hair back
  8. Please tell the instructors about any current injury
  9. If you are under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs, you may not participate in trapeze
  10. For safety reasons, instructors may end class early, as fatigue risk increases
  11. Don’t forget……HAVE FUN!!

You can cancel a booking up to 1 week ahead of your class and receive a full refund, or you can reschedule up to 72 hours in advance.

Classes can be transferred between individuals. The person that you transfer the class booking to should notify the staff in the beginning of the class and have signed the online waiver.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate most group, party or event requests. Please contact us to discuss.

Yes, of course. Please contact us in advance to book a private children's party session.

Bear in mind that this session is a 2 hour trapeze class hence any associated party activities that you wish to conduct on-site will be part of your session and your responsibility. However we are situated in a beautiful park and would encourage you to make the most of it.

Subject to availability, you can book up to 10 spaces in a class.

Classes run for 2 hours. Please check our booking system for the class schedule.

Please do read and sign our online waiver prior to arriving at class.

Please note: Any student under the age of 16 taking a class with us must have the waiver filled out and signed by their parent or guardian.

Yes, of course! We actively encourage you to capture your friends and family on film whilst flying gracefully through the air.

We'll let you know the best spots to film and run through the onsite rules with you on the day.

We recommend you arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of your first class. You’ll want time to check-in, change your clothes, and warm up your muscles. Before class, please fill out our online waiver.

Parents, guardians, etc. do not need to wait at the rig while their children are in class, but please make sure that you return by the end of your child’s class for pick-up and remain contactable during the class.