2019 Summer Flying Trapeze Show – Superheroes

TLCC Trapeze School finished the 2019 summer season with an amazing flying trapeze show, the TLCC Superheroes.

Our frequent flyers showcased their new skills that they had learnt and perfected over the summer months.

We saw a great variety of tricks including split, pike, straddle, birdie, gazelle, pullover shoot, penny roll, layout, etc. Check the showreel below and see how many you can recognise! Maybe you would like to learn one of these tricks yourself next summer…

Each and every flyer threw excellent flying trapeze tricks that were caught by our Spiderman catcher, Michael, successfully. Mrs Incredible, Lisa, served the bar to our flyers and ensured that everyone got a good takeoff to their catches.

Support from friends and family for the flying trapeze show flyers was great and everyone enjoyed the sunny afternoon.